The Full Picture

My name is Samuel Miorandi, a 21-year-old award-nominated filmmaker and cinematographer. 


I'm Italian born and I moved to London with my parents and my two younger siblings in 2009. You would think that, regardless of the young age, I found it harder to integrate myself into a completely different reality to the one that I was brought up in. While such change wasn't easy for me as it would have been for my two younger siblings, I immediately became open to all the local customs and I would help myself to learn terminologies by listing them out as I hear them being spoken, to then go home and write the translations next to those words in a little journal. Also being in an academic environment has heavily contributed to speed up my apprehension of the English language.


I come from an entrepreneurial family, my parents were both business owners and have had numerous businesses back in Italy which means that a strong work ethic, strict time management practice, and outright respect have always been persistent disciplinary elements. We moved to London for personal reasons with everything we had, but it meant that we would be in severe impairment just as if we were starting again from scratch, but it never became a reason for us to yield and so when optimism was low, tenacity brought us back on track. At 15 I gathered money off my own back to buy my first camera and having the possibility to put my passion into practice meant the world to me. After hundreds or even thousands of hours spent teaching myself, learning about this craft, numerous failed projects, large self-investments, various networking events, successful collaborations, plenty of work opportunities, learn nights and early mornings I am now, more than ever, ready for any kind of opportunity that may come my way.

I love working in a team and in my opinion, teamwork is a key component to personal and professional growth, but I have also learned to be very efficient and apt to progress when working on my own, as one of the experiences I've had throughout my career was with a networking start-up company where the entire production team was made up of me and my creative director. This meant that for the entirety of the production process (especially the practical aspects) I was in charge of the execution of the different daily projects, from the transportation and the provision of my personal camera equipment to the offloading of the footage and the entire editing process. Likewise, my still active role as a freelance filmmaker has strengthened my adaptational skills as I always find myself working with new teams.


I have been working for production companies since the age of 16, starting off as an intern to then slowly work my way up into roles with a strong passion towards educating myself on the role of Director of Photography, while also taking on the BFI Film Academy residential course. In 2017 I started interning with Oscar-winning Director Asif Kapadia as an archive footage translator on a Documentary called Diego Maradona which was released in cinemas in early 2019. In 2018 I created a short critically acclaimed Documentary that narrated the living conditions of Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, which led me to attend multiple screenings at film festivals and build relationships with Documentary Directors, such as BAFTA-nominated Callum Macrae. Traveling for work has also allowed me to build relationships with a lot of filmmakers and young actors all around the world, connections that keep me busy working on any kinds of projects that come my way, allowing me to collaborate with some of the most brilliant creators.


During the course of my exciting, but yet short career, I have gained quite an extensive amount of technical knowledge on camera gear, lighting gear, and the logistic behind the transportation of equipment to and from the location. My proficiency in the use of cameras ranges from cinema cameras to high-end mirrorless and DSLRs. This list consists of:

Arri Alexa Mini (used twice for production/beginner)

Black Magic Cameras / Ursa Mini, Pocket Cinema Camera (Confident user and owner of the BMPCC 6K)

RED Cameras / Helium 8K, Dragon-X 6K (Intermediate)

Canon EOS Cinema line / C300 mk2, C200, C100 mk1 & mk2 (Intermediate)

Panasonic Lumix GH5 / mk1 & mk2 (Confident user and ex-owner)

Canon DSLR series (Confident user)


During most part of the year, while in London, I study Film Practice (a 3 year BA course) and I create commercials for business or larger organization, I freelance as a content producer and creative director when it comes to start-ups and smaller size businesses, and I also work on either series of short films all over London. It has made me understand the true meaning and importance of storytelling, and that will stick with me, throughout all of my projects.