About Samuel Miorandi

My name is Samuel Miorandi, 21 years old. I am a Content Producer, Freelance Filmmaker, and Film student based in London. I have been working for production companies since the age of 16, first as an intern then slowly working my way up into roles such as DP, while also taking on the BFI Film Academy. In 2017 i started interning with Oscar-winning Director Asif Kapadia as a translator on a Documentary called Diego Maradona which was released in cinemas early 2019. in 2018 I created a short critically acclaimed Documentary that narrated the living conditions of Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, which led me to attend multiple screenings at film festivals and build relationships with Documentary Directors such as BAFTA-nominated Callum Macrae. Traveling for work has also allowed me to build relationships with film directors and young actors all around the world that keep me busy working on bigger projects, and it allows me to collaborate with some of the most brilliant creators. During most part of the year, while in London, I study Film Practice (a 3 year BA course) and I create commercials for business or larger organization, I freelance as a content producer and creative director when it comes to start-ups and smaller size businesses, and I also work on either series of short films all over London. It has made me understand the true meaning and importance of storytelling, and that will stick with me, throughout all of my projects.


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